What does Accidental Mersh mean?

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A band which was well-known around Memphis in 2000. The band contained Andrew VanWynGarden and Hank Sullivant. Andrew VanWynGarden ended up being attending White facility twelfth grade during the time, while Hank Sullivant ended up being a university pupil. The musical organization penned two full-length albums, Mirror Israeli as well as the self-titled Accidental Mersh.Sullivant went on to make the band called The Whigs. When VanWyngarden formed MGMT with Ben Goldwasser, Sullivant had been among the initial guitarists when it comes to band's real time shows.In MGMT's Valentine's Day Live talk on Facebook, Feb 14th, 2011, a concern was asked of this musical organization about just who the former live member was. The musical organization responded: "His name is Hank Sullivant. He plays in Kuroma today and splits his time passed between Athens, GA, nyc, and Memphis. He is now contemplating a move to LA. look out for Hank!"1