What does Access point mean?

Access point meaning in Law Dictionary

signal given to accessibility archives and database information.

Access point meaning in Business Dictionary

Extraordinary rule, title, or term that serves as a spot of entry to an archive, database, or system.

Access point meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

as an alternative described as a base section and wireless router, an access point is the area of a radio receiver that enables a user with wireless access to hook up to a network or even the Web. This term can relate to both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices. The picture shows a Linksys wireless accessibility point router; it makes use of numerous antennas to improve the signal.

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accessibility point

Access point meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

An access point is a computer device, including a radio router, that enables cordless devices to connect to a network. Many access things have built-in routers, although some must be linked to a router so that you can provide network access. Either way, access things are usually hardwired with other products, such as system switches or broadband modems. Access things are located in numerous locations, including homes, organizations, and general public places. Generally in most houses, the accessibility point is an invisible router, which is connected to a DSL or cable modem. But some modems may include wireless abilities, making the modem it self the access point. Large companies often provide a few accessibility points, enabling workers to without any cables hook up to a central community from an array of areas. Public access things are available in shops, coffee stores, restaurants, libraries, as well as other places. Some towns offer community access points in the form of wireless transmitters which are connected to streetlights, signs, alongside public items. While access points usually offer wireless accessibility the world wide web, some are intended only to provide accessibility a closed system. Like, a company may possibly provide protected access points to its workers so that they can without any cables access data from a network host. Also, many access points supply Wi-Fi access, however it is possible for an access suggest relate to a Bluetooth device or any other types of cordless link. But the purpose of many accessibility things is always to supply Internet usage of connected people. The word "access point" is oftentimes utilized synonymously with base section, though base programs are theoretically only Wi-Fi products. It would likely be abbreviated AP or WAP (for wireless accessibility point). However, WAP isn't as widely used as AP since WAP is the standard acronym for Wireless Access Protocol.

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When using attribute value, each access point has a flag to indicate whether it is the master or a shadow reference.

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