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AKA "Alcohol-anes" Name regarding the high school in Lafayette, CA. Home to wealthy white kids who will be interestingly smart, good, and socially mindful. Chock-full of hipsters, bros and preps. All whom drink PLENTY, while there is absolutely nothing else doing in Lafayette, and they have money. a public high school in East Bay, California infamously home to wealthy white young ones who have absolutely nothing simpler to do than celebration and invest their particular parents money on liquor and great stuff. Severely picture mindful, you will discover hipsters, preps, and jocks becoming the most frequent of the pupils. They get good grades, will always partying, and appear exceptionally stuck up to those externally. Lots of people will classify Acalanes pupils to-be prettier and better looking as compared to students at most other schools. Most of the kids tend to be regrettably trapped in a "protected bubble" made by people they know, family members, and wealth.