What does Academy of Notre Dame mean?

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The premier all-girls catholic prep school in Philadelphia. The "help them learn what they need understand for life" motto is quite suitable. St.Julie is a prominent figure and may be as she is their foundress. Be it statues or her feast day, the girls are aware. Girls the lady are respectful and really emerge from their particular layer. They do not care what people think of them and speak their mind. Some are athletic, numerous also spend the almost all their particular time in the dance studio or perhaps in the Connelly arts building. They defy lots of the all women school stereotypes because girls are almost always sort together. Door holding and hellos are normal and lots of women can be good. Girls want to have a great time, and often gripe towards number of work however for more component have great grades. Baked items are coveted at ND as soon as you miss your assigned treat day for the place in the mead hall with Grendel. But while this college is great in most scholastic, sports and social aspects, they lack within the child department. Until you understand kids from your childhood or they reside nearby, you never fulfill guys through ND. The crazy great environment here comprises for not enough guys. From their particular IRISH recreations bras for their ND socks, these women tend to be sisters neath the silver and blue and seem to follow the Honor Code. GO ND!