What does Ac mean?

Ac meaning in General Dictionary

the substance representation for actinum a radioactive element

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  • an electric powered present that reverses course sinusoidally option to direct curent DC
  • a radioactive section of the actinide show; within uranium ores
  • an electric powered existing that reverses path sinusoidally

Ac meaning in Dream Dictionary

When we desire acid it represents most of the bad emotions we now have inside united states.  Its symbolizes hate, anger, temperament, payback and a loss in control.  Acid is dangerous to dangerous and dangerous.  For those who have some components of acid you will need to simply take some actions back and think about your emotions and how to regulate them.  Its likely if a person inside your life is harmful you may desire becoming around it too. Once you drink acid or get into it in your fantasy means that you might be self-destructive and want to alter you ways.

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  • Acorns are great symbols to dream about because they represent your strength and your ability to grow on your own.  You should never think that any goal is to hard to achieve.  Acorns represent a new stage that you will be entering in your life. If you notice that you see a bunch of acorns on the ground means that you will come into money in the future. If you climb an acorn tree and start dropping acorns on the ground suggest that you have a lot of power over other peoples decisions.

Ac meaning in Medical Dictionary

Abbreviation for a.c. (ante cibum on a prescription); acromioclavicular (shoulder joint); antecubital (crook of shoulder).

Ac meaning in Etymology Dictionary

abbreviation of ac, by 1966.

Sentence Examples with the word Ac

The diagonal AD of the parallelogram, of which AB and AC are adjacent sides, will represent, both in direction and magnitude, the motion of the rain as apparent to the observer.

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