What does Abspritzen mean?

Abspritzen - German to English

to wash down [to clean by washing, esp. a car or truck]

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  • to hose
  • to sluice
  • to strike an individual's wad [sl.] [ejaculate]
  • to cum [vulg.] [ejaculate]
  • to jack down [Am.] [vulg.] [ejaculate]
  • to jerk-off [esp. Am.] [vulg.] [ejaculate]
  • to jizz [vulg.] [ejaculate]
  • to capture a person's load [coll.] [vulg.] [ejaculate]
  • to capture a person's wad [vulg.]
  • to skeet [sl.] [ejaculate] [Am.] [vulg.]
  • to spurt [vulg.]
  • cleaning
  • skeet [sl.] [vulg.] [Black English]