What does Absorption mean?

Absorption meaning in General Dictionary

The act or means of absorbing or sucking in such a thing or of being soaked up and made to fade away whilst the absorption of systems in a whirlpool the consumption of a smaller sized tribe into a more substantial

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  • the personal procedure of absorbing one cultural team into balance with another
  • the entire process of absorbing nutrients into the human body after food digestion
  • (physics) the process for which event radiated energy is retained without reflection or transmission on moving through a medium
  • (chemistry) a procedure in which one material permeates another; a liquid permeates or perhaps is mixed by a liquid or solid
  • the mental state to be preoccupied by one thing
  • total attention; intense psychological work
  • The act or procedure for absorbing or drawing in any such thing, or of being consumed making to disappear; since, the consumption of bodies in a whirlpool, the consumption of an inferior tribe into a larger.
  • An imbibing or reception by molecular or chemical activity; since, the consumption of light, temperature, electricity, etc.
  • In residing organisms, the method wherein the materials of development and diet are consumed and conveyed towards the areas and organs.
  • whole engrossment or career associated with head; because, consumption in certain work.

Absorption meaning in Medical Dictionary

Uptake. Including, intestinal absorption could be the uptake of meals (or any other substances) from the digestive system.

Absorption meaning in Law Dictionary

1. Accounting: whenever associated records tend to be soaked up into both. Called an absorption account. 2. Economics: complete amount spent by a country on goods and services. Account deficits or excess occurs when the GDP goes above or below the consumption amount. 3. administration: A overhaul of a companies operations and framework. 4. components: This takes place when a fluid is soaked up by another material. Relate to consumption. 5. Securities: This occurs when an underwriter sells their particular securities. This might be also called assimilation.

Absorption meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, from Latin absorptionem (nominative absorptio), noun of action from previous participle stem of absorbere "swallow up" (see digest).

Absorption meaning in Cooking Dictionary

A characteristic of flour to use up and retain (hold) water or liquids. It's decided by measuring the actual quantity of liquid necessary to make dough of the desired persistence. Its expressed in a percentage (lbs./liters of liquid needed per pound/kilo of flour).

Absorption meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

In veterinary medicine, the joining of already digested nutritional elements with the circulatory system. Consumption is just how an animal's body employs nutritional elements from meals.

Absorption meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Bookkeeping: Integration of an account (called absorption account) into relevant reports when preparing of a financial record. 2. Economics: Total spending by a nation's families, businesses, and federal government on goods and services. Existing account shortage (or surplus) takes place when a country's GDP surpasses (or falls below) its consumption level. 3. Management: Integration of modification and development into an organization's tradition and businesses. 4. Products: Process wherein a substance (gas or liquid) is captured and consumed by a great or fluid material. See additionally adsorption. 5. Securities: Sale of a whole dilemma of securities by its underwriters. See in addition absorption.

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  • consumption of low-frequency effect noise
  • uptake
  • absorption of X-rays in matter
  • starch absorption

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Absorption meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

The name legislation of absorption is provided to either associated with two dually related theorems regarding the propositional calculus,[p ∨ pq] ≡ p,       p[p ∨ q] ≡ p,or either associated with two matching dually related theorems associated with the algebra of classes, a ∪ (a ∩ b) = a, a ∩ (a ∪ b) = a.Any legitimate inference associated with the propositional calculus which amounts to replacing A ∨ AB by A, or A[A ∨ B] by A, or any valid inference regarding the algebra of classes which amounts to replacingA ∪ (A ∩ B) by A, or A ∩ (A ∪ B) by A, is called consumption. Whitehead and Russell (Principia Mathematica) give the title legislation of consumption to theorem of this propositional calculus, [p ⊃ q] ≡ [p ≡ pq].-- A.C.

Absorption meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The work or procedure for absorbing or sucking in such a thing, or to be consumed and made to fade away; since, the absorption of bodies in a whirlpool, the absorption of an inferior tribe into a larger.

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  • (n.) An imbibing or reception by molecular or chemical action; since, the consumption of light, temperature, electrical energy, etc.
  • (n.) In living organisms, the method where materials of development and nutrition tend to be absorbed and conveyed on cells and body organs.
  • (n.) whole engrossment or career associated with the head; as, absorption in certain employment.

Sentence Examples with the word Absorption

The sharp contrasts between its compulsory religious observances and those of the rest of the world prevented such an absorption of the Jewish people into the Roman Empire as had caused the disappearance of the ten tribes of Israel by their merging with the Assyrians.

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