What does Absorbed dose mean?

Absorbed dose meaning in Medical Dictionary

In radiology, the actual quantity of power this is certainly deposited in every product by ionizing radiation. The machine of absorbed dose, the rad, is a measure of power absorbed per gram of material. An alternative solution unit of absorbed dosage is the grey. One grey equals 100 rads.

Absorbed dose meaning in Law Dictionary

The trace levels of products which are soaked up and retained by the human anatomy. This will be calculated by milligrams per kg of people body weight per day. This really is commonly called an interior dosage.

Absorbed dose meaning in Business Dictionary

number of substance absorbed through epidermis (by contact), lungs (by breathing) and gastrointestinal tract (by ingesting) this is certainly retained in human anatomy organs and bloodstream. It really is assessed generally in milligrams per kg of weight per day (mg/kg/day). Also referred to as interior dose.

Absorbed dose meaning in Insurance Dictionary

the quantity of a substance that gets in the human body of an exposed organism.