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Absol is a BAMF that first turned up in 3rd gen of Pokemon. It is often prevented due to the fact that it may sense risk with that blade... thing protruding from the jawhorse's head. Therefore it is percieved as a magnet for misfortune. but all it certainly requires is some love. It generally does not evolve, but the reason why would it not have to? It's awesome enough on its own.Dark and Ghost assaults do 1/2 harm.Bug and battling do 2x.Psychic does jack shit.Everything else does whatever harm it's expected to.Can be found on path 13 plus in Great Chasm during the post game of Pokemon Ebony and Pokemon White, and on path 120 in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. Learns Perish Song at Amount 65. The only emo pokemon.Absol is a dark kind pokemon without evolutionary family members. It absolutely was first seen in Ruby and Sapphire variation.