What does Absenteeism mean?

Absenteeism meaning in General Dictionary

hawaii or rehearse of an absentee esp the practice of absenting ones self through the nation or area in which people estate can be found

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  • habitual absence from work
  • hawaii or training of an absentee; esp. the training of absenting your self from nation or region in which your property can be found.

Absenteeism meaning in Medical Dictionary

The frequent lack from work or any other duty without justification. See in addition: Presenteeism.

Absenteeism meaning in Law Dictionary

This takes place when a worker regularly is missing from work. Seldom performs this individual have a valid explanation. However, if valid explanations receive the lack will not qualify as a result. Attendance management may be the system that tracks this incident.

Absenteeism meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1829, from absentee + -ism; originally in reference to landlords, especially in Ireland (absentee inside good sense is within Johnson's dictionary); mention of students or workers is from 1922.

Absenteeism meaning in Business Dictionary

Voluntary non attendance at work, without valid reason. Absenteeism means either habitual evasion of work, or willful absence like in a strike action. It generally does not include involuntary or occasional lack due to valid reasons, or reasons beyond an individual's control, including accidents or vomiting. See in addition attendance management.

Absenteeism meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Their state or practice of an absentee; esp. the rehearse of absenting one's self from the nation or district in which a person's property is found.

Sentence Examples with the word Absenteeism

The penal laws against the Catholics, the iniquitous restrictions on Irish trade and industry, the selfish factiousness 'of the parliament, the jobbery and corruption of administration, the absenteeism of the landlords, and all the other too familiar elements of that mischievous and fatal system, were then in full force.

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