What does Absentee Printing mean?

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The much maligned practice of printing eleventy billion pages in a hectic computer laboratory and leaving them unattended on a laser printer's report tray for long amounts of time. Absentee printers frequently confuse and annoy their particular other computer system lab clients as his or her excessive printing quickly buries the print jobs of various other laboratory patrons.This rehearse frequently makes harried students to waste valued time sifting through dozens of pages of random senior theses, flyers, updates, along with other various crap to find their term reports, tragically thwarting last-minute tries to finish and print research 5 minutes before course starts.Chronic absentee printers often sit blissfully at their particular computers browsing Twitter for acutely long periods of time before retrieving their papers.Absentee printing is endemic to college computer system labs the world over.