What does Abscission mean?

Abscission meaning in General Dictionary

The work or means of cutting-off

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  • dropping of blossoms and leaves and fruit following formation of scar tissue in a plant
  • the act of cutting something off
  • The act or procedure for cutting-off.
  • The state of being cut off.
  • A figure of message utilized when a speaker having started to say something stops suddenly: hence, "he's a man of a great deal honor and candor, as well as these types of generosity -- but I need say forget about."

Abscission meaning in Medical Dictionary

to get rid of muscle by cutting it away, such as surgery.

Abscission meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"removal or cutting away," very early 15c., from Latin abscissionem (nominative abscissio) "a cutting off," noun of activity from past participle stem of abscindere "to cut-off" (see abscissa).

Abscission meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The act or procedure for cutting off.

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  • (n.) Their state of being take off.
  • (letter.) A figure of message employed when a speaker having begun to state something stops suddenly: thus, "He is a man of so much honor and candor, and of such generosity -- but i want state forget about."

Sentence Examples with the word Abscission

It consists of (a) those churches which have accepted all the decrees of the first seven general councils, and have remained in full communion with one another, (b) such churches as have derived their origin from these by missionary activity, or by abscission without loss of communion.

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