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Abraxo solution is a pre-War cleaning agent created by Abraxodyne Chemical. It may still be discovered through the Capital Wasteland and the Mojave Wasteland 200 years after the Great War.This item is employed when you look at the construction for the Nuka-grenade in Fallout 3. it may also can be utilized as ammo when it comes to Rock-It Launcher. During the Fallout: brand new Las vegas add-on Dead Money you will get the capability to utilize it for crafting a Cloud Kiss and on a clean cosmic blade.Abraxo Cleaner is found throughout the Capital Wasteland and the Mojave Wasteland. The Takoma Industrial plant includes a bigger amount of Abraxo cleaner than any other area. It appears to possess been manufactured or at the very least packed here prior to the Great War. A number of could be present in Old Olney Underground.Paladin Vargas has actually found another useful usage for this: mixing it with liquid cleans awesome mutant bloodstream off power armor.This item normally utilized in the building of ultrajet, outlining the reason why Murphy has these types of high quantities of it.Abraxo cleaner is a reference towards the real-life scouring dust called Boraxoweight: 1value: 5base id: 00022106Found in Fallout 3 and brand new Vegas