What does Abrasion mean?

Abrasion meaning in General Dictionary

The act of abrading putting on or rubbing from the putting on away by friction whilst the abrasion of coins

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  • an abraded area in which the skin is torn or worn off
  • erosion by friction
  • the wearing down of stone particles by rubbing due to water or wind or ice
  • The work of abrading, putting on, or massaging down; the using away by rubbing; since, the scratching of coins.
  • The compound applied down.
  • A superficial excoriation, with loss in compound under the form of small shreds.

Abrasion meaning in Medical Dictionary

An abrasion or "excoriation" is a wearing away associated with top layer of skin due to applied rubbing power. In dentistry an "abrasion" may be the putting on away for the enamel substance.

Abrasion meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1650s, from Medieval Latin abrasionem (nominative abrasio) "a scraping," noun of action from past participle stem of Latin abradere "to scrape away, shave down," from ab- "off" (see ab-) + radere "to clean" (see raze).

Abrasion meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

a personal injury which have occurred in which or higher of the topmost layers of the skin tend to be scraped away. Also called a scrape.

Abrasion - German to English


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  • dilatation and curettage

Abrasion meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The work of abrading, using, or rubbing down; the using away by friction; as, the abrasion of coins.

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  • (n.) The material rubbed down.
  • (n.) A superficial excoriation, with lack of compound in as a type of small shreds.

Sentence Examples with the word Abrasion

In machinery, abrasion between moving surfaces has to be prevented as much as possible by the use of suitable materials, good fitting and lubrication.

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