What does Abrahm mean?

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A Mexican guy who is about money and family members. He has money to strike. He could be a herbivore(likes to smoke grass). He can get any woman he desires because of his swag,looks,size of his johnson along with his capabilities in bed and of course his game. He's real silky using ladies. But however rather have a Mexican woman over any kind of girl. He is a flirt but as soon as he's in a relationship,he's faithful as fuck. He does not put up with bullshit. He cuts girls quicker than barbers. He has got a great amount of haters but it's okay because haters do not phase him,they only make him famous plus stronger. To sum him all up, he is outstanding guy is around with,he's straight down for anything,if you are devoted to him then he's faithful to you and any woman is fortunate to have him.