What does Abortifacient mean?

Abortifacient meaning in General Dictionary

Producing miscarriage

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  • causing abortion
  • a drug (or other chemical agent) that creates abortion
  • creating miscarriage.
  • a medication or a real estate agent which causes untimely delivery.

Abortifacient meaning in Medical Dictionary

A medication or substance that triggers pregnancy to finish prematurely.

Abortifacient meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1875, noun and adjective, from Latin abortus (see abortive) + facientem "making," pertaining to facere "do" (see factitious). A youthful word because of this inside noun feeling had been abortive (1640s).

Abortifacient meaning in Sexual Dictionary

a substance or device that is used to facilitate an abortion.

Abortifacient meaning in General Dictionary

(v.) manufacturing miscarriage.

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  • (n.) A drug or a representative which causes premature distribution.