What does Abort mean?

Abort meaning in General Dictionary

An untimely birth

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  • resulting in an action or process to quit at an early stage or before typical conclusion regarding abort a rocket flight
  • terminate a pregnancy by undergoing an abortion
  • cease development, die, and become aborted
  • terminate before completion
  • the act of terminating a task or treatment before it is finished
  • To miscarry; to carry forth younger prematurely.
  • To become examined in normal development, in order often to remain standard or shrink away wholly; to be sterile.
  • An untimely beginning.
  • An aborted offspring.

Abort meaning in Urban Dictionary

To wholly and immediately abandon your immediate activity or plan

Abort meaning in Dream Dictionary

If you dream of having an abortion means that you are self destructing yourself from moving forward in life.  You want the easy escape out in life.  If you witness an abortion means that your

Abort meaning in Law Dictionary

large amount of stock waste which may be caused process inefficiency. Sooner or later this contributes to irregular loss. Abnormal spoilage is yet another term because of this. The same can be put on computers. Unsaved data is lost and system needs a reboot. The procedure may end because of unsatisfactory outcomes or perhaps the system is flawed. An electric outage can also cause this. ABEND is yet another common term made use of.

Abort meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1570s, "to miscarry," from Latin abortus, past participle of aboriri "to miscarry" (see abortive); 1610s as "to intentionally end" any such thing, but specially a pregnancy, which appears to be the literal good sense. Transitive meaning "to cause a lady to miscarry" is recorded from 1933. Relevant: Aborted; aborting.

Abort meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

To end the maternity early; in animals, generally accustomed describe comparable circumstances as a ‘miscarriage' in humans. An abortion (letter.) can be used to describe the ending of a pregnancy whether meaningful or accidental.

Abort meaning in Business Dictionary

Abnormal cancellation or cancellation of a computer program (or a computing program) which leads to irretrievable lack of unsaved information and will need a reboot of the system. Abortion might be (1) intentional where the user cannot attain a satisfactory summary of an ongoing process and needs to begin over, (2) initiated by the operating system it self (see system crash), or (3) brought on by a power failure. See also ABEND.

Abort meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Term used to explain the termination of a computer procedure or demand. As an example, you might hit ALT + F4 to abort an application which have ended responding.

Abort - German to English

johnny (home) [Am.] [coll.] [regional] [outdoor toilet]

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  • miscarriage
  • spontaneous abortion
  • abortion [abortus] [nomenclature]
  • necessary [archaic or esp. Brand new The united kingdomt] [privy]
  • privy
  • toilet
  • water-closet

Abort meaning in General Dictionary

(v. i.) To miscarry; to create forth younger prematurely.

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  • (v. i.) to be examined in regular development, so as either to keep standard or shrink away wholly; in order to become sterile.
  • (letter.) An untimely beginning.
  • (n.) An aborted offspring.

Sentence Examples with the word Abort

In pruritus of the vulva and anus a weak solution of silver nitrate will relieve the itching, and strong solutions painted round the base of a boil at the beginning will abort its formation.

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