What does Aborigines mean?

Aborigines meaning in General Dictionary

The earliest understood inhabitants of a country native races

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  • The earliest known inhabitants of a country; local races.
  • the initial fauna and flora of a geographical location

Aborigines - German to English


Aborigines meaning in General Dictionary

(letter. pl.) The initial understood residents of a country; native races.

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  • (n. pl.) The first fauna and flora of a geographical location

Sentence Examples with the word Aborigines

Boyd Dawkins and Brinton, that the French cave man came hither by way of Iceland; or with Keane, that two subvarieties, the long-headed Eskimo-Botocudo type and the Mexican roundheaded type, prior to all cultural developments, reached the New World, one by Iceland, the other by Bering Sea; or that Malayoid wanderers were stranded on the coast of South America; or that no breach of continuity has occurred since first the march of tribes began this way - ethnologists agree that the aborigines of the western came from the eastern hemisphere,and there is lacking any biological evidence of Caucasoid or Negroid blood flowing in the veins of Americans before the invasions of historic times.

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