What does Abolish mean?

Abolish meaning in General Dictionary

doing away with wholly to annul to help make void stated of rules customs organizations governments etc on abolish slavery to abolish folly

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  • do away with
  • doing away with completely; to annul; in order to make void; -- stated of legislation, traditions, institutions, governments, etc.; because, to abolish slavery, to abolish folly.
  • To put an end to, or destroy, as a physical items; to get rid of.

Abolish meaning in Urban Dictionary

is entirely damaged,massacred,headshotted from a significant length,exploded,have the abolish ritual done to you personally,get executed whilst ur on the floor,have your complete staff taken out by one-man, or other wise pwned significantly.*also the only way because of it to actually be classed as abolished, is the fact that it offers to be done-by the abolisher, or otherwise it's merely classified as pwned

Abolish meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., from center French aboliss-, current participle stem of abolir "to abolish" (15c.), from Latin abolere "destroy, cause to perish aside, retard the rise of," possibly from ab- "from" (see ab-) + adolere "to develop," from PIE *ol-eye-, causative of root *al- (3) "to cultivate, nourish" (see old), as well as perhaps created as an antonym to adolere. But the Latin term rather could possibly be from a-root in keeping with Greek ollymi, apollymi "destroy." Tucker writes there is a confusion of forms in Latin, according to similar roots, one definition "to cultivate," one other "to destroy." Application to individuals and tangible items is certainly obsolete. Related: Abolished; abolishing.

Abolish meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To complete away with wholly; to annul; which will make void; -- stated of rules, customs, organizations, governments, etc.; because, to abolish slavery, to abolish folly.

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  • (v. t.) To put an end to, or destroy, as a physical items; to eliminate.

Sentence Examples with the word Abolish

With a feeling of intense disgust you kick the mass of rubbish into a corner and go home, your head full of revolutionary schemes to abolish the divine right of professors to ask questions without the consent of the questioned.

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