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County Seat of Washington County, Virginia, in southwestern Virginia about fifteen kilometers northeast for the Tennesse edge. Populace ca. 6,000.Active (live-)stock market, regular burley tobacco marketplace, web site of Federal District judge which makes up beaucoup (so many) attorneys for hire.Biggest cultural characteristics are most likely the annual Virginia Highlands Festival presented on the university of Virginia Highlands Community university, waggishly named "UCLA(q.v.)," together with Barter Theater, hawaii Theater of Virginia. Contrary to well-known opinion, neither Gregory Peck nor Ernest Borgnine came to be or was raised in Abingdon, nor Ned Beatty, even though they all played the Barter early in their professions.Worst-kept secret: The really choice furnishings, collectibles and miscellaneous products (and sometimes, very discounted prices) are not can be found during the open-air Highlands Festival, but at a semi-secret rummage purchase held by a consortium of downtown Mainline Protestant churches, named for Plum Alley, that your week-long event occupies.Little-known facts:. Interstate 81 works along east side of city and affords quick access to Bristol, where addititionally there is absolutely nothing for teenagers to complete.. One of several thousand communities in the USA which includes gained the ability to phone it self "the buckle in the bible buckle.". Only for enjoyable, Google for "Abington, Virginia" (note misspelling).