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Abiel (noun) - regularly establish a male, usually a Dominican-Puerto Rican-American, just who describes the Male Code. He is able to communicate with girls, be their particular male friend, and pay attention to them rant on as well as on about feminine things, and then he can do it and start to become BAMF at precisely the same time. He is specialized in one woman, and will most likely love this lady for a long period. But he has got lots of close, platonic feminine pals. Provides helpful advice. Brutally truthful. Often functions too tough or like a jerk, but in general is a gentleman.he could be usually the most useful hermanito a Cuban could ever adopt.

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Jesus is my dad.
Name Origin: Hebrew
Name Gender: Male

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See the Life of Ezra Stiles (Boston, 1798), by his daughter's husband, Abiel Holmes, the father of Oliver Wendell Holmes.

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