What does Abibob mean?

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A petite, a little emoish teenage girl of reasonable height, which takes great pleasure in sitting in a dark room throughout the day playing the woman favourite band Paramore. Enjoys mauling the woman buddies' planners and using brightly colored pens to accomplish so.Makes famous bebo skins, and though she sometimes uses this energy for evil (eg. making Tomlivoo skins) has actually a proper talent.Also enjoys singing, especially in front side of men and women, as she is a "right vain twat" (because she by herself noted when).Is in a band, presently known as Tomlivoo, in which she is, as one would imagine, the singer, also the woman good friend Crackhead. Does not like David Speaking, her friends Beccas and Merixcil's musical organization.Has an obsession with Ben and Jerry's, and describes all of them as "orgasmic".Overall is a nice, friendly person with a somewhat too big lips, metaphorically talking, and knows when to laugh.