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AberrosexualistNoun.1. Supporter, whether aberrosexual or not, of an extremist antisocial, anti-Life, anti-Family, anti-ecological, and rabidly anti-Christian Aberrosexualist ideology; supporter of a bigoted, extremist ideology that opposes the original Western ideas of human sexuality, monogamous marriage and household.2. (Sociology) Individual, whether aberrosexual or not, just who will follow and/or condones sexual behaviors, conducts, or practices that deviate from something universally considered appropriate, regular, or typical.3. (Psychology) Adherent, whether aberrosexual or perhaps not, into opinion that intimate actions or practices universally considered aberrant or that deviate from what is natural, normal or typical, shouldn't be considered harmful, unhygienic or bad.4. (Politics) (usually money) Member, whether aberrosexual or not, of every of extremist political stress groups that advocate legalizing and/or pushing community to accept intimate habits, conducts or practices universally considered aberrant or that deviate from what is normal, normal or typical.Adj.1. (Psychology & Sociology) regarding, characteristic of, or resembling Aberrosexualism.2. (Life Sciences) Pertaining or regarding the extremist Aberrosexualist, sexual-behavior-driven governmental ideology or agenda.3. (Politics) Supporting, advocating, or providing to help expand Aberrosexualist ideology: Aberrosexualist propaganda.Synonym: homosexualist; Antonym: orthosexual