What does Abercynon mean?

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A shithole of a town packed with chavs, old people, pissheads and "Carnetown Barmy Army" whose trademark sign may be the swastika.Plenty doing here including:Setting the woodland on fireBurning garagesSmashing up the soccer stand on regional group's pitchHanging around beyond your part stores asking individuals get you cigarettes if you are under 18Going round the neighborhood pub getting pissed while making a tit of yourselfPeople often result in difficulty because of the police a great deal here. Somebody ended up being murdered by their particular husband with a hammer for "maybe not preparing their supper right".

Sentence Examples with the word Abercynon

The district has an area of 10,504 acres and comprises; besides Mountain Ash proper, a string of villages, the chief being Cwmpenar, Penrhiwceiber, Abercynon or Aberdare Junction (at the confluence of the Cynon with the Taff) and Ynysybwl, 3 m.

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