What does Abend mean?

Abend meaning in Law Dictionary

n abnormal or abortive end to some type of computer system. This technique crash is usually brought on by a glitch or a memory overburden.

Abend meaning in Business Dictionary

Irregular END or ABortive END. System crash or other unusual cancellation of some type of computer system brought on by memory conflict or some other (usually unidentifiable) glitch.

Abend meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Quick for abnormal end, abend is a term accustomed describe whenever a course or task terminates without warning. If an abend takes place, it is usually accompanied by one message showing the final this system's final procedure, the file the triggered it, or where within the memory the malfunction occurred.

Abend - German to English

night of Welcome

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  • e'en [chiefly Scot., poet.] [evening]
  • evening
  • eventime [archaic]
  • even [archaic]
  • eve [esp. literary]
  • weeknight
  • All Hallows' Eve
  • Hallowe'en [spv.]
  • Halloween

Abend meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

brief for "irregular end." An abend is an unexpected or abnormal end to a procedure. In pc software, it usually describes a software crash when a course unexpectedly quits. Including, a mistake in a program's rule could potentially cause it to freeze or crash while running a particular demand. The effect is an urgent (and often inconvenient) end on system. The word "ABEND" was initially employed by IBM OS/360 systems as one message. It is now used by Novell Netware systems also as an over-all programming term.