What does Abed mean?

Abed meaning in General Dictionary

during sex or in the sleep

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  • during intercourse
  • In bed, or on the bed.
  • To childbed (inside expression "brought abed," this is certainly, delivered of a young child).

Abed meaning in Names Dictionary

Worshipper, adorer.
Name Origin: Arabic
Name Gender: Male

Abed meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English on bedde "in sleep," from a- (1) + sleep (n.). As one term from 17c.

Abed meaning in General Dictionary

(adv.) During sex, or regarding bed.

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  • (adv.) To childbed (into the phrase "brought abed," which, delivered of a child).

Sentence Examples with the word Abed

I felt worse and worse--at last I got up, dressed, and softly going down in my stockinged feet, sought out my stepmother, and suddenly threw myself at her feet, beseeching her as a particular favour to give me a good slippering for my misbehaviour; anything indeed but condemning me to lie abed such an unendurable length of time.

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