What does Abby Nicole mean?

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An Abby Nicole wants to be remarkable. She wants to sing but can't dancing. Abby Nicoles are fun to be around but could get a touch too crazy at parties. Any Abby Nicole really loves surprises. She life when it comes to small things in life. She's big hopes and dreams and desires to be famous. Abby Nicole is a hopeless romantic. She loves to be enjoyed and adores cheesy romantics. She has already been harmed by many people and is some standoffish. She actually is afraid that this will affect the woman future relationships. Abby Nicole could be difficult to manage often because she loves to make the woman real life a film. Abby Nicole is vulnerable occasionally and quite often has to be reminded what you love many about this lady. She actually is entirely devoted and another of the most extremely honest people who there clearly was. An Abby Nicole is a true friend. Don't allow Abby Nicole fool you, she actually is a princess in time, but a freak whenever its time!