What does Abbots Chain mean?

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The training of a team of 3 or higher men lined up behind one another, in which each guy will be buggered from behind while at the same time buggering the man ahead. The expression is thought to have are offered in to usage when these types of homosexual techniques had been widespread in monasteries in the early Tudor duration. The training ended up being rumoured become section of a sordid initiation service in which beginner monks would use the front associated with Abbots Chain and become forced to felate the Abbot while he endured on a ceremonial footstool. Very long held becoming one of many minor reasons Henry VIII began to sack many monasteries during his reign, after he was maybe not welcomed to a mass Abbots Chain in Westmister Abbey organised because of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The practice is fairly common in a few specialist groups in London, especially in the Muswell Hill location.