What does Abbess mean?

Abbess meaning in General Dictionary

A female exceptional or governess of a nunnery or convent of nuns obtaining the same authority over the nuns that your abbots have across monks See Abbey

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  • the exceptional of a small grouping of nuns
  • A female exceptional or governess of a nunnery, or convent of nuns, obtaining the same expert within the nuns that your abbots have actually throughout the monks. See Abbey.

Abbess meaning in Urban Dictionary

Female brothel keeper. A Madame.Etymology: Victorian underworld slang. An abbess (Latin abbatissa, fem. form of abbas, abbot) may be the female exceptional, or mom Superior, of an abbey or convent of nuns. Since the Elizabethan period, nun has been slang for a prostitute (ref. William Faulkner, "Requiem for a Nun"), and a nunnery referred to a brothel.

Abbess meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, abbese, from Old French abbesse, from belated Latin abbatissa, fem. of abbas (see abbot). Changed early in the day abbotess.

Sentence Examples with the word Abbess

The church of All Saints, originally of Norman foundation, was rebuilt in 1273 by the abbess and nuns of Godstow near Oxford, and was largely reconstructed early in the 15th century.

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