What does Abayo abayo mean?

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a word which is used to displace 'sayonara' ("goodbye") or 'matane' ("see you quickly") at the end of a sentence in colloquial Japanese speech. It can be converted into English as "see ya" or "capture ya later on".It is a component regarding the Tokyo Shitamachi dialect and used to be a rather well-known informal slang expression used mostly by males and guys until sometime ago. Its usage has declined in past times 20 years.Contrary from what the previous poster has actually written, it's not always a rude method to state "bye" or just used while aggravated at some one. Although (the same as many slang terms) if used in the proper framework it may possibly be translated as being dismissive or sarcastic. a tremendously rude method to say "bye" in japanese. frequently made use of if you are pissed off at somebody. translates to "good Riddance" or "the hell with ya"