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"Er, I…didn't quite get that. Got…distracted…"―The response of every individual previously speak to Aayla Secura, everAayla SecuraBiographical informationHomeworld: Ryhot, err, RylothBorn: Wow, those breasts, um, 40 BBYDied: she actually is solution to hot to die! (formal tale is she wasshot about 56 times by a lot of horny clones)actual descriptionSpecies: Twi'lekGender: Hot Femalelevel: SexyHair color: Blue mind tailsEye shade: GreenAayla Secura ended up being a female Jedi who had been also a Twi'lek. She's most famous if you are drooled over by fanboys (and perhaps some fangirls), just who frequently had aspirations to getting the girl during sex. However, she married non-fanboy Grover in the end and, on dismay of the galactic populace, begun to outfit modestly. As she had been a Twi'lek, this suggested hardly any change in her wardrobe however the modification was adequate to send her followers into a spiral of despair.Personally, i recently don't see just what those fanboys see in...mmm, that sexy ass... and the ones boobs!Aayla Secura was born into the Cult of St. Noodlehead, the state-sponsored chapel on Ryloth. As an adolescent she became dissatisfied with its feminist leanings and converted to G*nkism. Despite the woman profession with all the Jedi, she persisted in commitment to it even unto demise. But she don't perish! (Yes, she performed perish. Hard luck, fanboys. Today go get a life.)During the Clone wars Aayla boosted the moral of her troops around an unprecedented summit by undressing in the jungle.( Obi-wan tried this, plus it triggered 3/4 of the clone army under their demand needing replacing, after an enormous spate of suicides. The other 1/4, well...Wookiee-Nookie abounded..) of course when purchase 66 ended up being executed 1 / 2 of the woman squad committed suicide, others one half vowed revenge on Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, leaving only two Mandalorian mercenaries of whole squad alive, those mercenaries were....yes you guessed it Goran Beviin and Medrit Vasur.Together, she and her fuzzy, blue spouse went on having 199 children. So, Aayla Secura might be your grandma, she just might. About this lady and Grover's relations...as many fanboys as there are Jax Pavans, to-be precise, have actually wished to "trade locations with" her spouse, desiring Aayla to give some destination to place their...uh...let's perhaps not get there.Well...below are a few significant outcomes of their relations:KarenweirdoJax Pavan 20,394And the most known of...Thrawn