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Is a halfer. Typically timid and quiet but as soon as you see through the buffer, you'll find somebody who's an entire various individual. He is noisy, weird, funny, nice, caring and bubbly. He's someone who will state the corniest/sweetest jokes but will still be significantly funny. He is in addition extremely talented. He sings well... "we LALALALLALALA I DO." He dances well particularly when it comes to dougie-ing. Not only this, but he additionally plays drums and violin. Aaron is extremely intelligent; usually a straight students. He is also a great friend; he is great at enjoying your issues, he does not assess you, he is a good supporter and can often be here obtainable. Although individuals mention him, he's wanted by many people females. BILLIONS (not actually) of girls desire him because he's so pretty however the problem is, he doesn't want some of them. If perhaps he gave those girls the opportunity, they'd manage to see how truly nice and caring he could be. But simply a warning, Aaron's maybe not funny ;)) jkjkjk