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next biggest town of Denmark, but witth densier population. Known for starting styles, and is generally speaking much more cool and sub-cultural than Copenhagen. The Town of a thousand café's. Home of football staff AGF. Great architecture in inner-city, lots of ghettos in suburbs. Earliest pens viking-town some 1000 many years old.The average chronilogical age of residents in Aarhus are a lot younger as compared to sleep of Denmark, due primarily to it's huge university. The second town in the country of Denmark this 1000 year-old Viking city has 300.000+ residents. The Hipster City associated with nation, comparable to the area of Vesterbro, Copenhagen, this city is youthful and vibrant, intellectuals, hipsters and governmental correct men and women everywhere.The city is gorgeous though, specially at nighttime. A large number of cafe's, pubs and restaurants available all hours. Nightclubs, stripclubs and concert venues are located within the city, and there's always anything to complete in Aarhus.