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Charming, lady-killing, eagle-eyed, full-of-charisma, honour and integrity-personifying, respected-by-one-and-all, winner of most useful entertainer St. Xavier's 2007 Awards, epitome-of-intellect and knowledge, guy responsible for coining-of-words-like-awesomeness and fucking awesome awesomeness, admired by Pratima and her group of other hot 50 12 months olds, more-humble-than-god yet still god-like, Aamil came to be in the eighteenth of November in a tiny town of Jamshedpur... and that is the way the world became a much better destination.Never a believer of blowing his own trumpet, Aamil's achievements far surpass those of his peers. A blessing to lower mortals all around the globe, He is additionally the Winner of ideal Smile, Santosh Beauty Pageant 2009. Co-Founder of this Gorgeous Circumstances Club. Acclaimed copywriter, philosopher, star, business owner, visionary Director, aesthetic jockey, national symbol, Non-Sectarian religious commander, humanitarian, messiah of interesting conversations, philanthropist, Thespian, Observer, Believer, Bullshitter.

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Variant of Amil: Worker, efficient.
Name Origin: Arabic
Name Gender: Male