What does AXA AXA aX-aS axa mean?

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A young girl/guy that judging from their present appearance, or perhaps the appearance of family members memebers, will be VERY attractive as time goes by.This comes from the AXA superanuation motto "AXA, Investment money for hard times".The whole concept of an AXA would be to try and be freinds with them early to enable you to bang proper they've been at a fair age. "financial investment for the future"A person who is younger, but would obviously be appealing when they were older.. accustomed avoid appearing like a cradle snatcher. a joint venture between two allied Anime groups, #Anime-Xtreme and #Anime-Sekai. Both that are on irc.aniverse.com and whom focus on the finest in Anime fansubbing. the term Axa is another for owner in every little thing