What does AWOL mean?

AWOL meaning in Chat Slang Dictionary

absent without leave

AWOL meaning in Etymology Dictionary

additionally a.w.o.l., military initialism (acronym) for absent without leave. The -o- is apparently indeed there mainly so the assemblage may be pronounced as a word. In U.S. military usage at least from World War II, preferred usage by 1960.

AWOL meaning in General Dictionary

absent without authorization

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  • person who is away or absent without leave

AWOL meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

brief for missing Without keep, AWOL defines any person whom left without warning or permission in talk or other text-based conversation. Under is a typical example of just how this might be used in talk.

Sentence Examples with the word AWOL

There's a lot to do around here with Janet AWOL and a bunch of newly empty rooms.

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