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AWAY!!! Said in a number of different ways. Can probably be said whenever excited (usually in a high pitch tone), or an individual cant quite really think what they're hearing. Can certainly be stated with a small pause with it, for example 'A-WAY', (usually in a minimal tone), it is utilized much more when someone has said a thing that is disgusting. The phrase is much more often than maybe not accompanied by the text 'For Fucks Sake'!! Therefore get deploying it. AWAY!!!!!! FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!!!!! a term that's now a noun, `cause of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). An away is an AIM away content. a contradictory word - constantly prepared and yearning, indicating try not to disappear completely off someplace, but stay as there is always means. Away off is contradictory too. to arkasas, jump up and down very hard on the floor of a wooden outhouse, muff plunge on your own dog