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An imaginary megalopolis comprising of ten places, the greatest one additionally the geographic center town being Autumn View~Sol Duc,(1806) hence is the cause for title regarding the community of metropolitan areas. Whenever one is referring to the whole community of urban centers he/she would make use of the term " AVSD web ". The ten cities, located on the whole eastern and an element of the southern seabord on the area of Sicily, Italy, tend to be known as (South to North) western Hampton, Dinolvani West, Syracuse, Ridge, Autumn View~Sol Duc, Hazelnut Haven, Cherry Hills, Cedar Crest, Sterling, and Sterling aim. The entire conglomeration of urban centers, including surrounding suburbs, houses over 33 million folks, making the AVSD internet the absolute most heavy city in the field. Syracuse is the oldest city in AVSD web and had been founded in 1802. One major highway,the Global Sicilian Highway (ISH) connects the ten towns and cities. The explanation for the "I" in ISH is basically because western Hampton and Dinolvani western are theoretically towns and cities of Italy Even though the other places are a territory for the U.S., known as The Communities associated with Puerrtonn Bay.