What does AV Idol mean?

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a woman who stars in AV, a form of porn that's just made in Japan, Korea, and Asia.Usually they just do masturbation or a school woman getting raped, unless they get famous in the market by name. Chances are they often star in hardcore fetish and S&M besides. The Asian market may not seem contemplating something fucked up like S&M, however it is indeed there, just beneath the surface.AV Idols generally have much more sweet faces than good bodies, although Japanese men are enthusiastic about boobs(and don`t seem to like butt at all)"Idol" will not truly signify they truly are an idol of the business. Whether or not they newer and no one knows who they are, they are nevertheless called an AV Idol.The men in AV are not called Idols, they are just area of the staff.Also, one significant difference from a porn celebrity is AV Idols are a lot more likely to appear other places within the activity industry, like online game programs and guest functions on show. It isn't exactly common, but significantly more than in the usa.