What does AUTOGRAPH mean?

AUTOGRAPH meaning in General Dictionary

In ones own handwriting as an autograph page an autograph will

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  • what is written with ones own hand an original manuscript a persons own trademark or handwriting
  • some thing authored by one's very own hand
  • level with one's trademark
  • your own signature
  • That which is written with a person's own hand; an original manuscript; your very own signature or handwriting.
  • In one's very own handwriting; because, an autograph page; an autograph will.

AUTOGRAPH meaning in Law Dictionary

The handwriting of any one.

AUTOGRAPH meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"someone's trademark," 1791, from Latin autographum, from Greek autographon, neuter of autographos "written with a person's very own hand," from autos- "self" (see auto-) + graphein "to create" (originally "to damage;" see -graphy). Utilized early in the day (1640s) to mean "author's own manuscript."

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  • "to signal an individual's title," 1837, from autograph (n.). Associated: Autographed; autographing. Early in the day "to write with a person's very own hand" (1818).

AUTOGRAPH - German to English


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  • autograph [manuscript in the author's handwriting]
  • autograph score

AUTOGRAPH meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) What is created with an individual's own hand; an authentic manuscript; an individual's very own trademark or handwriting.

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  • (a.) In one's own handwriting; since, an autograph letter; an autograph might.

Sentence Examples with the word AUTOGRAPH

By the 12th of July, de Silva, the Spanish ambassador, reports on the authority of the French ambassador that du Croc, French envoy to Scotland, avers that Mary's Scottish enemies have autograph letters of hers proving her guilt, and himself possesses copies.

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