What does AUTHENTIC ACT mean?

AUTHENTIC ACT meaning in Law Dictionary

inside civil-law. An act which was executed before a notary or any other public officer authorized to execute these types of functions, or which will be testified by a public seal, or has been rendered public because of the authority of a qualified magistrate, or which is qualified to be a duplicate of a public sign-up. Nov. 73, c. 2; Cod. 7, 52, 6, 4, 21; Dig. 22, 4. The genuine work, as relates to agreements, usually that has been performed before a notary general public or any other officer authorized to perform these types of features, in existence of two witnesses, free, male, and aged at the least fourteen years, or of three witnesses, in the event that party be blind. If the celebration cannot learn how to signal, the notary must trigger him to affix their level to the instrument. All proc&s verbals of product sales of succession home, signed by the sheriff or any other person making the exact same, because of the buyer and two witnesses, tend to be authentic functions. Civil Code La. art. 2234.

Sentence Examples with the word AUTHENTIC ACT

His first authentic act is the storm and sacking of Peterborough in 1070, in company with outlaws and Danish invaders.

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