What does AUTHENTIC mean?

AUTHENTIC meaning in General Dictionary

an authentic guide or document

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  • Having a real initial or authority against that which is false fictitious fake or apocryphal being what it purports to-be real maybe not of skeptical beginning genuine as a geniune paper or register
  • conforming to fact and for that reason worth belief
  • perhaps not counterfeit or copied
  • Having a genuine original or authority, versus whatever is untrue, fictitious, fake, or apocryphal; being exactly what it purports to-be; real; perhaps not of doubtful origin; genuine; because, an genuine report or register.
  • Authoritative.
  • Of approved authority; true; dependable; reputable; since, a traditional author; a traditional portrait; genuine information.
  • Vested with all because of formalities, and lawfully attested.
  • Having as instant reference to the tonic, in difference from plagal, with a correspondent reference to the principal in the octave underneath the tonic.
  • a genuine (guide or document).

AUTHENTIC meaning in Law Dictionary

Genuine; true; obtaining the character and authority of a genuine; duly vested with needed formalities and legally attested; competent, reputable, and dependable as proof. Downing v. Brown, 3 Colo. 590.

AUTHENTIC meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., "authoritative," from Old French autentique (13c., contemporary French authentique) "authentic; canonical," and straight from Medieval Latin authenticus, from Greek authentikos "original, real, main," from authentes "one functioning on your own expert," from autos "self" (see auto-) + hentes "doer, being," from PIE *sene- "to achieve, attain." Sense of "entitled to acceptance as informative" is very first recorded mid-14c. Traditionally (about since the 18c.), genuine means that the contents associated with thing in concern correspond to the facts and are perhaps not fictitious; real shows that the reputed writer is the genuine one; though this distinction just isn't etymological and it is not at all times today acknowledged.

AUTHENTIC meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Having a real initial or authority, in opposition to whatever is false, fictitious, counterfeit, or apocryphal; being what it purports to-be; real; not of skeptical source; real; since, a traditional paper or register.

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  • (n.) Authoritative.
  • (letter.) Of approved expert; true; reliable; legitimate; as, an authentic journalist; a geniune portrait; authentic information.
  • (n.) Vested along with because of formalities, and lawfully attested.
  • (letter.) Having as instant relation to the tonic, in difference from plagal, that has a correspondent regards to the principal within the octave below the tonic.
  • (n.) An original (book or document).

Sentence Examples with the word AUTHENTIC

These epitomes have been ascribed without sufficient reason to Florus (2nd century); but, though they are probably of even later date, and are disappointingly meagre, they may be taken as giving, so far as they go, a fairly authentic description of the original.

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