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Southern Californian, L.A. Basin-area. Derived from the typical exclamation,"That's awesome!" The origination of "AUSS!" ended up being use in e-mails to avoid overusing "awesome" with become prevalent in American English to spell it out men and women,events,achievements etc. Proponents explain "AUSS!" as, "As most readily useful of replacement for the beloved AMAZING! even as we could develop. We love "BRILLIANT!", but every skatepunk, housewife, contractor, teacher and kid uses it. It is tired and requirements a rest currently."It's most useful use is within an email answer throughout upper hats with a reason on it's own. As an example,if some one proposes seeing the latest cool motion picture you can respond using the single,"AUSS!" Quantities of pleasure possibly expressed with extra exclamation things.Level 1="AUSS!"Amount 2= "AUSS!!"Degree 3 to infinity= "AUSS!!!!!!!!!!!!..." a nickname pertaining to a person who is incredibly cool and perverted. this person wants to talk about intercourse and is exceedingly horny.usually relates to some body known as sydney being that an aussie is from australia.