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N: The Alaskan Underground Football League, Also known as the AUFL, started by a team of individuals sometimes referred to as "Goon Squad" or "Goonies", usually played on an arbitrary local field, and joined up with up by arbitrary individuals via word-of-mouth, as long as they abide by the guidelines associated with AUFL:The AU RULE( Golden Rule)- The Goon Squad have been in cost of, and collectively get a grip on every apect/operation associated with the AUFL and it is affiliates.1. Games will never be terminated because weather.2. No cryin, whining, moaning, or complaining of any kind is permitted.3. The minimal number of people for each team is five.4. You are accountable for a well-being, and any injury sustained from gameplay is both your own personal failure as a person or no one's.5. No-eye gouging, seafood hooking, or other illegal functions of conduct.6. Membership is no-cost.7. Must keep in mind, it's just a game title!8. Individual Game Rules vary, as determined by the Goon Squad and it is affiliates. AUFLS: Ass Ugly Friends that will like to Leave Syndrome. They appear to always be around stunning women, mainly to create your life miserable and painful as you attempt to work your path around them and your true target.