What does AUCTORITAS mean?

AUCTORITAS meaning in Law Dictionary

into the civil-law. Authority. In old European law. A diploma, or royal charter. A word commonly used by Gregory of Tours and soon after article writers. Spelman.

AUCTORITAS meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

St. Augustine differentiates divine from person authority: Auctoritas autem partim divina est, partim humana: sed vera, firma, summa ea est quae divina nominatur. Hence God could be the greatest expert. It's distinctly beneficial to count on expert: Auctoritati credere magnum compendium. est, nullus work. Both authority and reason impel us to learn: Nulli autem dubium est gemino pondere nos impelli advertising discendum, auctoritatis atque rationis. -- J.J.R.

Sentence Examples with the word AUCTORITAS

In the Cluniac circle was coined the principle: Canonica auctoritas Dei lex est, canon law being taken in the Pseudo-Isidorian sense.

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