What does AUBsession mean?

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a state of being which is present primarily among worshipers of this football program regarding the University of Alabama @ Tuscaloosa,(UAT). This Aubsession provides constant posts on discussion boards and blogs about Auburn. The afflicted are far more worried about Auburn dilemmas than their particular staff, family,school, or nation. While prevelant among most Bama fans it really is most severe among the UAT soil roadway alumni, also known a bamerNeks or perhaps Neks. Neks are UAT followers, that never ever decided to go to college at UAT, worshiped Bear Bryant and from now on the Second Coming, Nick Saban, have not visited a UAT online game, and couldn't discover Tuscaloosa with a Garmin GPS. (They dont understand what a GPS is). They live-in constant anxiety their particular world will end if Alabama loses a football game to Auburn.