What does ATeens A Teens A-Teens mean?

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A band well-known within the late 90's early 2000's. They mainly covered songs through the musical organization Abba and had been also called the Abba Teens. Members were Amit Paul, Dhani Lennevald, Marie Serneholt, and Sara Lumholdt. Though each of them sang in english most of the members had been origionally from Sweden.The musical organization had been together from 1998-2006All users went to achieve solo professions A Swedish pop group composed of two men as well as 2 women whom initially gained main-stream pop music succuess addressing songs from fellow Swedish act, ABBA after which went on to doing their particular material. Along side IKEA and ABBA, one of Sweden's greatest exports. First attained appeal in the usa addressing ABBA's music along with their particular music videos in the Disney Channel. Consists of two males (Dhani Lennevald and Amit Sebastian Paul) as well as 2 females (Marie Serneholt and Sara Lumholdt), the group is a favorite of Tween BFFs. Precisely spelled utilizing the hyphen.