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three letter acronym for Aceyalone and Abstract Rude An ATU will be your straightness score. simply put the larger your ATU the greater amount of pussy there is the power to get. Both variables A and U can beR=AT(U/2) - the FormulaR- Rating of one's straightnessA- typical Rating regarding the ladies you're withU- Normal Rating of YouT- Times you bang yearlyRanging-0-200 is Poor200-300 is Good300-400 is Excellent400- UP implies you're a liar Only the hottest Mexican white boy on the market whom loves Tricia . . . quickly is PMU. Loves guitar and skateboarding, extremely amazingly mind-blowing, he'll quickly function as the best thing to rock your socks off. Except that is just for Tricia to see. Ideal clan when you look at the entire world! IN THE EVENT THAT YOU MESS WITH THE BEST, YOU WILL DEFINITELY perish SUCH AS THE SLEEP! www.atuclanservers.com We mostly play BF 1942, but we also provide a BF 2 host! Visit! You will not be dissapointed!