What does ATTENDANT mean?

ATTENDANT meaning in General Dictionary

a person who attends or accompanies in almost any personality whatever since a buddy companion servant broker or suitor

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  • Being present or in the train associated in waiting
  • being present (at a meeting or event, etc.)
  • occurring with or following as a consequence
  • someone who waits on or has a tendency to or attends to the requirements of some other
  • somebody who exists and participates in a meeting
  • an event or scenario that happens as well as or in reference to another
  • becoming current, or perhaps in the train; associated; in waiting.
  • Accompanying, related to, or immediately following, as consequential; consequent; since, intemperance with all its attendant evils.
  • based on, or owing task or solution to; as, the widow attendant to the heir.
  • One who attends or accompanies in just about any personality whatever, as a pal, friend, servant, representative, or suitor.
  • One who occurs and participates the procedures; since, an attendant at a meeting.
  • what accompanies; a concomitant.
  • person who owes task or service to, or hinges on, another.

ATTENDANT meaning in Law Dictionary

a person who owes a duty or solution to a different, or in some sort depends upon him. Termes de la Ley. Person who uses and waits upon another.

ATTENDANT meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1550s, "one which waits upon," from the adjective, or from center French atendant, noun usage of present participle of atendre (see attend).

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  • late 14c., "solicitous, conscious," see attendant (n.). Sense of "offering under, associated in a dependant position" is from c.1400.

ATTENDANT meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) Being present, or in the train; accompanying; in waiting.

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  • (v. t.) Accompanying, connected with, or immediately following, as consequential; consequent; as, intemperance with its attendant evils.
  • (v. t.) Dependent on, or owing responsibility or solution to; because, the widow attendant into the heir.
  • (n.) A person who attends or accompanies in every personality whatever, as a friend, companion, servant, agent, or suitor.
  • (letter.) Person who is present and participates the proceedings; as, an attendant at a gathering.
  • (letter.) Whatever accompanies; a concomitant.
  • (letter.) Person who owes task or solution to, or relies on, another.

Sentence Examples with the word ATTENDANT

The coroner's report indicated Wassermann had been dead at least two weeks, the same length of time the morgue attendant had guessed.

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