What does ATS Syndrome mean?

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"Addicted to Socializing", a syndrome described as actual and psychological reliance upon socializing. Those battling with ATS symdrome frequently explain a compulsive desire to frequent bars, sleep-in unusual locations, change telephone numbers with strangers, make use of celebration tips and costumes to get interest, and hold hands with taxi motorists. Utilization of the expression "bad a few ideas make the most useful tales" is normally used to rationalize behavior.Socializing in the beginning creates thoughts of euphoria and dissassociation with truth, but in serious uncontrolled cases can result in a pissed off supervisor, excessive investing, fat gain, chronic exhaustion, putting on of the same garments for numerous times, loss of valuables, and general neglect of repsonsibilities.The problem is frequently exacerbated by the usage of alcoholic beverages and is often seen in conjuction with Beerexia.First recognized by Dr. Cooke of Sheffield, British (self- analysis).